Wrap Around Labelling Machine WCL 20.1

Designed for wrap around labelling of round shaped containers


Technical Specifications

Label Dispensing Speed: 20 meters / minute (speed in BPM is dependent on part diameter and label length)

Accuracy: Label positional accuracy of ±0.5 mm

Max. Part Height: 300 mm

Min. Part Height: 30 mm

Max. Part Diameter: 120mm

Min. Label: 30 mm (height) (If all your label heights are less than 100mm, our WCL 20.1.100 model is suitable)

Max. Label: 200 mm (height)

Media roll size: 300 mm (diameter) 3" core

Machine Weight: 600 kg

Operating Air*: 60 LPM (0.06m3/min) at 6 bar

Power: 1.3kW, three phase, 415 VAC, 50Hz


*For use with optional two roller attachment

  • Features
    • Designed for 20m/minute label dispensing speed
    • Label positional accuracy of ±0.5 mm
    • Very easy to operate
    • Ergonomically designed to allow easy job change
    • Very low job changeover time
    • Rigid frame construction
    • All components are surface treated
    • Stepper motor driven labelling head
    • All adjustments are provided with scale
    • Touch screen HMI adjustable for height and angle
    • Recipes facility
    • Exhaustive on screen diagnostics
    • Fully enclosed control cabinet



    • Two roller attachment
    • Language options
    • Label break sensor
    • Remote diagnostics
    • Label roll diameter sensor to alarm roll changeover
    • Accept/Reject station
    • Password and user log facility
    • PackML
  • Specifications
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