Tube Lacquer and Label Machine LL-60

LL-60 is unique in its application as it is the first time that a machine with lacquering and labeling application on tubes is offered. This compact machine is developed for high speed label applications and can apply paper, PVC, opaque & transparent pressure sensitive labels.

The various operations that are possible on this unique machine are Corona Treatment, UV Lacquering, UV Curing and Label Application.

Combining the LL-60 with our Capping Machine CP-60+ or CP-60-OR could help you to set up a dedicated production line for labeled tubes.

  • Features
    • One single machine to perform operations like Corona Treatment, UV Lacquering, UV Curing and Label Application
    • NO Tube NO Labeling – reduce wastage
    • Quick & easy change-over for different tube sizes
    • Automatic rejection of faulty tubes – Ensure good labeled tube going to customer
    • 'TUBE TEST MODE' to make the machine settings with minimum wastage
    • Recipe feature for fast recall of different tube settings
  • Specifications
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