Container Labelling Machine CL-20.2

The CL 20.2 is a container labelling machine that has been designed for front and back labelling of flat shaped containers, and is suitable for pharmaceutical applications.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Label Dispensing Speed: 20 metres/minute
  • Accuracy: Label positional accuracy of ±1mm
  • Max part height: 300mm (height), 200mm (width)
  • Min part height: 50mm
  • Max label: 250mm (height)
  • Min label: 30mm (height)
  • Features
    • Rigid frame construction
    • Very easy to operate
    • Low changeover time
    • Designed for 20m/minute label dispensing speed
    • Label positional accuracy of ±1mm
    • Synchronised speed of all motions
    • Servo driven labelling heads
    • Spacing and centering units with opposed side belts
    • Slat conveyor with stainless steel structure
    • Upper top hold belt to make products stable
    • All adjustments are provided with scale
    • Touch screen operator interfaceadjustable for height
    • Recipes facility
    • Fully enclosed control cabinet



    • Option for different languages
    • Label break sensor
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • Password and user log facility
  • Specifications
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