Build a Career in Excellence at Technoshell Nashik

Build a Career in Excellence at Technoshell Nashik

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Doing Your Best Ever

We'll surround you with individuals that love little details and bring out the best in you.

Thanks for your interest in Technoshell Automations! We're always looking to team up with other smart, detail-oriented and hard-working people. You'll find some positions and skill-sets below that would help take Technoshell to the next level. That said, we're not limiting our teams needs to these roles. If you have a skill set that you think would help us out, feel free to email us at .

We're looking for passionate, competant individuals who love to thrive in teams, so don't be discouraged if we say no. What we really mean is, not right now. So if you like our machines, and if you are intrigued about the team and our work, do reach out and let us know!