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Tube Capping Machine CP-60


  • Tube Capping Machine CP-60

The Tube Capping Machine, CP-60, is a versatile machine for putting Screw-on and Push fit flip-top caps on the tubes. The capping head is designed such that the same head can function for both the applications.

The machine has a 12 station servo driven indexing table with stations for the following operations :

  •   2 stage Tube loading on the mandrel
  •   Orifice opening (Pip cutting) – (optional)
  •   2 stage Tag sealing (optional)
  •   Snap-on capping
  •   Screw cap tightening with pre-settable   controlled torque.
  •   Tube unloading from the mandrel

In case of push fit caps, the tube and caps are oriented before fixing to the desired position.

The tube feeding is done by a flat belt conveyor with the tube separator. The cap feeding is done by a vibratory feeder and a linear conveyor.

Elaborate diagnostics features are incorporated which enable quick troubleshooting. Remote diagnostics facility (optional) can be offered for providing quick service for software related diagnosis.

The tube is rejected in case the cap is not tightened to the set torque or flip notch of the cap is not oriented to the desired position.

A unique feature of the machine is the Tube-Test mode. The highlight of this feature is that one tube is loaded on the mandrel, then it moves to all the stations for the various operations and is finally ejected out. This helps in setting the machine with minimum number of tubes.

The machine is distinguished by its high “Performance to Cost” ratio, easy operation and little maintenance. It is very simple and quick to change from one size to another.

The machine construction is compact yet rigid and is controlled by a fully integrated state-of-the-art logic controller and servo motors from B & R Automations, with a colour touch-screen interface for the operator.

Technical Specifications

Output : Up to 60 tubes per minute
Tube diameter : 19 – 60 mm
Tube Length : 75 – 250mm
Positioning accuracy of Flip top + / - 1mm Cap and print position on tube (optional) : + / - 1mm
Electrical connection : 3 x 415 Voltx 50 Hz, 8KW
Pneumatic connection : 6 – 8 bar, water and oil free
Memory for program storage : up to 500 recipes
Operation : Fully automatic
Machine dimensions : Length 4m / Depth 2.2m / Height 2.1m
Standard color : Combination of RAL 9016 white and blue
Layout : Tube flow from left to right