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  • Hot foil stamping machine STM-300-PEN

Hot foil stamping machine STM-300-PEN

  •   This is pneumatically operated and micro -   computer controlled machine.
  •   Easy leveling of the stamping roller.
  •   Foil feed control by brake motor and mark   sensor.
  •   Automatic feeding & ejection of pen barrels.
  •   Non-contact sensors for trouble free operation.
  •   Special provision to avoid roller damage in case   of power failure.

The vertical movement of the stamping roller is guided by Stainless Steel guide rods and phosphor bronze bushes.

The foil rewinding, foil tension and the drive to the roller are obtained by the geared motors from Panasonic, Japan.

Technical Specifications

Stamping Force : dia 125 x 125mm width
Stamping force : 300 kgf
Power requirement : 2.25 KW
Temperature control : Digital
Stamping time control : Digital
Foil Length control : Digital / Mark Sensor
Dimensions of the machine : 1200 x 900 x 1960mm height
Strokes : 18-20 strokes/minute
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.