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  • Hot foil stamping machine STM-500-F

Hot foil stamping machine STM-500-F

This machine is pneumatically operated and works on the UP/DOWN principle of stamping. The operator has to place the object in position and start the cycle. This machine is micro-computer controller with key-pad settings for temperature stamping time, foil advance, dwell time and foil delay time. The cycle consists of stamping plate moving down and stays on the article for the set stamping time. The stamping time can be preset in steps of 100 milli seconds. After this time the stamping plate moves up and the foil advances forward.

The Up/Down movement of the stamping plate is guided by two precision ground guide rods moving in phosphor bronze bushes. This ensures the repeated accuracy of stamping location. The feeding and removal of the object is done manually. The machine has a built-in counter to count number of strokes and the count can be seen on the display panel.

All major items are either powder coated , hard chrome plated or electroless nickel-plated. The fasteners are also electroless nickel plated.

Major pneumatic components like the FRL unit, SOVs cylinders are from FESTO.

Technical Specifications

Stamping Force : 500 kgf
Stamping Plate size : 200 x 150 mm
Table Size : 350 x 450 mm
Job Height : 200 mm max.
Heaters : 300 W x 4 Nos.
Dimensions : 1000mm x 800mm x 1800mm ht.
Power : 1.3KW, Single Phase 230V AC, 50 Hz


Stamping head can be leveled in all axis including rotary axis.
Phosphor Bronze guide bushes.
All pneumatics from Festo.
Base table has adjustment in X&Y direction for precise alignment of base locator with stamping die.
Powder coated/electroless nickel plated machined parts.
Critical components are manufactured on CNC Machine.
Components manufacturing, machine assembly, electronic controls and panel wiring facilities are under one roof.