Robotic Tube Packer RTP 250

Robotic Tube Packer RTP 250Robotic Tube Packer RTP 250

The RTP 250 Robotic Tube Packer is an automation solution for the tube packaging industry, which uses a 6-axis robotic arm for high speed pick and placements of tubes (plastic tubes, laminate tubes) into boxes at a speed of up to 250 tubes per minute.

It is a high speed, flexible, automatic machine for transferring tubes form the outfeed conveyor of a tube capping machine into boxes.  The RTP can pack extruded and laminate tubes into flap-type (RSC) or shoe-type (Lid) boxes, with / without plastic bag inserted in them.

RTP 250 has been designed to hygienically pack a wide variety of flexible tubes and laminate tubes into boxes, providing reliability and hygiene assurance in tube manufacturer's production lines.

  • Features
    • 6-axis robotic arm to pick and place tubes
    • Tubes are always guided
    • Angular box placement
    • 12.1" vertical HMI screen
    • Wireless tablet for easy setting all over the machine
    • High flexibility and reliability
    • Quick and easy changeover
    • Box fixtures to improve handling capabilities and packing efficiency
    • Controllable box loading orientation (portrait or landscape)
    • Exhaustive diagnostics features and alarm system
    • Remote diagnostics with modem
    • Operator login and login history


    Technical Specifications:

    • Speed: 250 tubes / minute
    • Tube types: Extruded and Laminate tubes
    • Tube diameter: 19mm to 60mm
    • Tube length: 75mm to 250mm
    • Box type: Shoe type (Lid) and flap type (RSC) boxes with/without plastic bag inserted
    • Box size: max 630mm x 630mm x 250mm, min 630mm x 425mm x 90mm
    • Air supply: 6-8 bar
    • Electric Supply: 3 Phase 415 VAC 50/60Hz, 7.8kW
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