Hot Foil Stamping Machine STM-500-LC

The STM 500 LC is a hot foil stamping and heat transfer machine designed for decorating cylindrical (round) and conical (tapered) caps, at a speed of up to 30 caps per minute. STM 500 LC has been specifically designed for caps such as liquor caps, thus allowing better decoration and attractiveness on the conical surfaces of caps and closures. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Machine Speed: up to 30 caps / minute
  • Cylindrical Stamping: Dia - 60mm (max), Width - 75mm (max)
  • Conical Stamping: Max developed area - 200mm x 100mm  (consultation required with Technoshell)
  • Maximum Angle of Cone: Consultation required with Technoshell
  • Flat Stamping: Max stamping area - 200mm x 100mm
  • Features
    • Rigid frame construction
    • Linear slides for all motions
    • Stepper motor drive for carriage stroke and speed control for achieving higher speeds
    • Adjustable pneumatic stroke for achieving higher speeds
    • Stepper motor drive for foil advance to reduce wastage
    • 4-axis adjustable stamping head
    • Touch screen operator interface adjustable for height and angle
    • 3 side safety enclosure
    • Language options for different countries
    • Multiple sensors such as foil break sensor, low pressure sensor, cap non-ejection sensor



    • Auto cap feeding
    • Bowl feeder with noise reducing enclosure
    • Heat transfer capability
    • Can be integrated with upline/downline machines
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • Password and user log facility
    • Noise reduction enclosure for bowl feeder
  • Download Optional Attachments