Tube Capping Machine CP-60+

Tube Capping Machine CP-60+Tube Capping Machine CP-60+Tube Capping Machine CP-60+Tube Capping Machine CP-60+

High Speed, Highly Accurate Capping Machine to Fix Screw-on Caps and Oriented Snap-On Caps on Plastic Cosmetic Tubes.

This high speed, highly precise capping machine which works upto 80 tubes per minute is suitable for fixing

Snap-on caps on tubes with servo driven orientation

Screw-on caps with servo controlled torque tightening mechanism.

  • Features
    • Accurate and Flexible – Always meet customer demand
      The capping machine can be integrated with your existing heading or printing machine to produce tubes automatically
    • Operator Friendly and Simplicity – Easy of operation
      Most of operation is controlled by state-of-the-art touch screen control panel
    • Quick Change-over and Easy Settings – ‘Small batch size – Not a problem anymore’
    • Sorting ‘Good tubes / Bad tubes’ – Get rid of improper capping complaints
    • Surveillance and Maintenance – Minimum Down-Time
      Remote diagnostics facility can be offered providing service for software related diagnostics
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