Technoshell's Achievement Milestones

Technoshell's Achievement Milestones

1989 – Work start from the scratch with one drilling machine. First machine produced from foil sealing of cream jar

1990 – Register company by the name of ‘Technoshell Automations Pvt Ltd’

1991 – Workshop expansion with 2 lathe machines, cutting machine and hacksaw machine

1994 – First programmed temperature controller produced

1996 – First hot foil stamping machine manufactured

2000 – First machine exported (to Egypt)

2003 – Two more hot foil stamping machine models STM-500-R and STM-5000-F manufactured

2004 – Participation in first international exhibition The K-Show, Dusseldorf, Germany

2005 – An association with MADAG printing systems AG, Switzerland established

2006 – First tube hot foil stamping machine TPAEvolution for MADAG manufactured in Technoshell plant in Nashik   

2007 – High speed hot foil stamping machine STM-150-CS+ for caps and closure manufactured

2008 – First tube capping machine designed and manufactured

2008 – Joined TLC in Nashik

2009 – Participated in first exhibition in USA (NPE)

2009 – An Association with world renowned dies and block manufacturing company R.E.Bowers and Freeman LTD, UK established. Under their associated we started manufacturing of dies and blocks in Nashik

2009 – First Lacquer and Label machine designed and manufactured

2013 – We received two orders to develop high speed tube hot foil stamping machine TPA3Evo and long cap hot foil stamping machine LC3Evo from MADAG

2012 – Technoshell received  IS0 9001:2008

2014 – Renowned Screen printing machine manufacturer ISIMAT, Germany appointed Technoshell as their representative for INDIA.

2014 – ABC, USA appointed Technoshell as their representative for INDIA.

2014 – Tube Capper Series 4 for Lamitube top sealing and capping manufactured.

2014 – First CE certified capping machine exported to Europe 

2015 – Technoshell celebrates 25 years since incorporation