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Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Cosmetics & Personal Care ( STM-150-CS+ )

Hot foil stamping on non-circular and circular caps and closures for cosmetic industry are done on our machine model STM-150-CS+…

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Households ( STM-300-RN )

Our machine model STM-300-RN is very suitable for hot foil stamping on PET fridge bottles and Jars, PP and HDPE containers, Paint pails …

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Paper ( STM-5000-F )

Our machine model STM-5000-F is suitable for graphics application. It can hot foil stamp on wedding cards, cartons, book covers, diaries, stickers, leather…

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Stationery ( STM-300-PEN )

Hot foil stamping machine STM-300-PEN is specifically design for putting heat transfer on pens…

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Automobile ( STM-500-F & STM-500-I )

Hot foil stamping on automobile and audio video name plates, small plastic article, logos, playing cards… can easily be done by our hot foil stamping machine models STM-500-F and STM-500-I even this model is suitable for Stamping on Digit wheel…

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Garments ( STM-5000-F )

Our machine model STM-5000-F is suitable for embossing on jeans labels and other embossing applications…..

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Security ( STM-500-F )

Our Hot foil stamping machine model STM-500-F along with numbering machine is very much popular for stamping on security seals…

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