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  •  Hot foil stamping machine STM-150-CS+

Hot foil stamping machine STM-150-CS+

The machine model STM-150-CS+ is a versatile machine for Hot Stamping on circular and non-circular caps. This machine had wide acceptance in the cosmetic and decorative printing industries.

The machine works on the roll-on principle of stamping i.e. a Silicone roller is used to transfer the line impression on the articles.

The parameters are set and controlled by a PLC from B&R Automation, Austria which is one of the most modern and reliable system.

This machine is a single mandrel machine and works upto 60 parts per minute* when coupled with automatic feeding and ejection system. Being a single mandrel machine the set-up time is very less and tooling cost is minimized.

The foil rewinding, foil tension and the drive to the roller are obtained by the A.C. Geared motors. The complete foil feed system can be adjusted to enable the operator to locate the foil at the correct poisiton over the cap. One of the biggest advance to this machine is that even 7mm width foil roll can be used in place of 10mm which normally used. This results in a large saving in the foil cost.

The stamping parameters can be easily set on the PLC. For precise temperature control the machine is equipped with temperature controller from Omron.

The machine is known for the high performance, simple operation and low maintenance. It is easy to change from one size to another. The machine is rugged yet compact in construction.

* depends on the size & profile of the object to be stamped


Suitable for the line stamping on non-circular & circular plastic articles.
State of the art PLC – offers ease parameter settings.
Conforming to CE norms.
Servo driven main spindle – offers very high speed operation.
Machine can work with narrow width foil – offers foil saving.
Single station machine – reduces set-up time & tooling costs.
Automatic ejection of part * - increases productivity.
Easy set-up & operation.
Easy roller alignment in Y axis and angle adjustment – reduces set up time.

*Depends on availability of language font

Technical Specifications

Max. article size : Diameter 100mm
Oval ratio : 2:1 (Max Dia : Min Dia)
Stamping Width : 50mm Max.
Speed of stamping : upto 60 parts** / min
Air supply : 7 kg / cm2
Air consumption : 30 cfm
Power : 2.5 KW, Single Phase, 230V AC, 50 Hz.
Foil Width : 7mm – 50mm
Weight : 600 kgs approx.
Dimensions : 1600 mm x 1400 x 1800mm

*Feasibility depends on part shape and size.

Hot foil stamping machine STM-500-FR

  •   State-of-the-art-controller – ensures precise parameter control.
  •   Slider speed is infinitely adjustable – offers desired stamping quality
  •   Digital settings for stamping temperature & time and foil advance – precise parameter control   hence proper stamping.
  •   Depth stop for fine adjustment of stamping block contact
  •   Automatic ejection of part * - increases productivity

Optional Attachments

  •   Flat stamping attachment
  •   Semi automatic part loading system
  •   Fully automatic part loading system
  •   2- rollers support for rigid articles

Technical Specifications

Parameters : STM-500-FR
Stamping Plate size : 150 x 200mm
Stamping Force : 500 kgf
Article Diameter : 60 mm max.
Heater : 300 W x 4 Nos.
Speed ** : Upto 20 strokes / min
Foil width : 10 – 150 mm
Dimension : 1200 x 800 x 1800mm ht.

*Feasibility depends on part shape and size.
** Depends on selected optional attachments and articles.